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Dale Carnegie Partners with BuildWitt to Help Solve Workforce Issues in the Dirt World

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NASHVILLE, TN - Dale Carnegie Training joins BuildWitt to help solve the workforce issues the construction industry is facing. With a dwindling recruiting pool, companies can’t keep crews fully staffed to meet demands, and the problem is only growing with time.

The two companies will combine their resources to bring awareness to the issue and help companies access solutions to meet their specific needs.

Dale Carnegie focuses on facilitating the process of change through content and practical application. Dale Carnegie does this through learning strategies, whether micro-learning or over-a-period-of-time, the structure and process remain the same. They meet people where they are with concepts, practice, and accountability, impacting cultures and sustaining long-term outcomes. 

“BuiltWitt is more than a resource, it’s more than a platform, it’s a team of people driven by values, passion, and purpose. Their collaborative team has a vast amount of industry knowledge, combined experience, and extreme focus on impacting others. Partnering with BuildWitt is one of the best decisions we’ve made. We are honored to serve and impact the BuiltWitt community,” says Amy Porter, Executive Partner and Steve Hanes President of Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana.

Since 2018, BuildWitt has been addressing common workforce problems by providing media and marketing services to companies in the Dirt World (i.e., infrastructure, earthmoving, utilities, site work, demolition, mining, materials, heavy equipment dealers, and supporting vendors). In 2022, BuildWitt launched a training platform with over 400 microlessons. The company’s next step is establishing partnerships with other organizations driven by the same mission.

“I’ve taken classes and worked with Steve and Amy of Dale Carnegie for many years, and we are honored to partner with this world-class organization. For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped companies and people learn and grow, improving people's lives personally and professionally. With classes on transformational leadership, effective communication, change management, sales, customer service, and more, Dale Carnegie has evolved their live online and in-person training experience to connect with businesses and individuals where they are,” says Jason Richmond, COO at BuildWitt. 

BuildWitt has identified six primary causes for the workforce shortage: aging workforce; individuals choosing college instead of trades; record demand for infrastructure; fierce competition for workers from other industries; poor perception of blue-collar work; and different mindsets and desires among today’s younger generation.

The company will strategize with each new partnership to address one or more of the specific root causes of the workforce shortage.

“We don’t claim to have all the answers or solutions. What’s missing isn’t an effort or intent to solve the workforce problem—instead, it’s a cohesive effort,” says Aaron Witt, CEO  of BuildWitt.

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