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Five Ways BuildWitt Training Reduces Crew Mistakes

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Leadership training and task-specific training are the two most effective ways to reduce crew mistakes and rework on the jobsite. 

Coming up with training material on your own can be difficult (not to mention time-consuming) so it’s smart to find a training program that works for you and your crew. 

BuildWitt Training is a first-of-its-kind training management system that’s designed exclusively for the Dirt World. Your crew will get the training they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. 

Take a look at five ways BuildWitt Training can help you cut down on crew mistakes and rework.

1. Leadership training

Poor leadership causes crew mistakes and rework when:

  • Leaders don’t know how to delegate.
  • Leaders don’t communicate clearly about tasks, safety, or project specs.
  • Crews don’t report mistakes for fear of getting in trouble or being ignored.
  • Leaders don’t manage their time or the project well. 

These are easy mistakes to make in any industry. However, in the Dirt World, the stakes can be much higher. There are often hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, not to mention your crew’s safety. 

We designed the BuildWitt Training leadership course to help Dirt World business owners, foremen, field supervisors, and project managers tackle these problems head-on. The course includes more than 100 micro-lessons on communication, time management, team development, and more. So leaders get industry-specific, practical advice from experts in the field.

You can also assign this training to crew members who want to level up their careers—so you get to strengthen the next generation of leaders before they step into the role. And if there’s a lesson that you think the whole crew needs? You can assign it to them, too! 

2. Task-specific training

Lack of training is the simplest reason crews make mistakes and have to do rework. When people don’t know what to do or how to do it right, they’re more likely to mess up. 

Even if your crew has had some training, it might not have been good training. The Dirt World is overrun with ineffective, outdated training that doesn’t truly teach your crew what they need to know. 

Imagine letting your 15-year-old kid drive your car after one lesson from an instructor who couldn’t teach their way out of a paper bag. You’d be lucky if they made it out of the driveway without wrecking.

Now granted, your crew members are adults. But why risk putting an untrained operator in a multi-million dollar machine they don’t know how to use properly? And why let anyone else work on the ground around that machine? 

That’s a huge safety risk for everyone involved. It’s also a massive financial risk, as ineffective operator training can cause machine downtime issues, hurt productivity, and lead to project slowdowns.

The same goes for anyone on the jobsite. Every role is critical to the project’s success and the crew’s safety, so everyone needs to know exactly what to do and when. 

With job-specific BuildWitt Training courses, you can give your crew access to hundreds of training videos for laborers, grade checkers, pipelayers, operators, field supervisors, and managers. 

Each video features experts who currently work or have worked in these jobs in the Dirt World. They have the technical expertise to help your crew level up their skills—whether you’ve got rookies who are still learning the basics or old pros who want to be the best. 

Additionally, we’re constantly expanding our training library. You’ll get access to new training videos for these roles as they become available at no extra cost.

3. Turnkey onboarding for novices

While we didn’t discuss it in our last article on rework and crew mistakes, onboarding is crucial to getting new hires up and running. 

Onboarding is when you take the time to educate new hires about the job, the company culture, and what you expect from them while they’re working for you. You’re basically spending a couple of days setting them up for success.

BuildWitt Training makes onboarding easier with dozens of lessons on safety, career growth, and the civil construction industry. In addition, you can assign new hires the appropriate task-specific training courses for their role. 

You can also create and upload your own custom content to teach them about your business's standards, culture, and growth tracks. The simple-to-use software makes it easy to upload and assign your own training materials, so your team gets everything they need in one place.

4. Course assignments for specific groups and roles

It’s not a wise use of time to make every person go through training for every role. Laborers don’t need to learn how to operate an excavator. Grade checkers don’t need to know exactly how to lay pipe. And so on.

However, everyone needs safety training. Everyone needs certain lessons on leadership and growth. Everyone could benefit from training in the civil construction industry. 

BuildWitt Training lets you pick and choose who does what assignments. You can assign each crew member to the courses relevant to their job, so they can focus on the training they truly need. On the flip side, you can assign other courses to the whole team, so they all complete these courses together.

Assigning courses to specific groups lets you maximize your crew’s training and minimize mistakes as quickly as possible. 

5. Course assignments for toolbox talks

Ah, toolbox talks—the best way to start the day! They can be a great time for short, relevant training sessions.

BuildWitt Training videos are all under five minutes (some are less than one minute). So they’re short enough they won’t take up the whole toolbox talk. And with hundreds of videos to choose from (and more on the way), you can pick your team's needs when it matters most.

Check out these examples: 

  • Saw someone working without proper PPE? Assign a PPE training video for the next day’s toolbox talk. 
  • People aren’t spotting the operators and drivers? A video lesson can teach or remind them how to be spotters. 
  • Noticing conflict between crew members? A video on communication or extreme ownership can help them learn how to resolve their problems and take responsibility for their part. 

The great thing about BuildWitt Training videos is that they give the foreman and the crew a starting point for a conversation. 

Watching a video together takes the pressure off the crew. They can talk about what they saw in the video and how to apply it instead of trying to guess the “right” thing to say. The foreman can also address issues quicker and more professionally; instead of lecturing or berating the crew, the foreman can use the video to help the crew understand what they should be doing.

Using BuildWitt Training videos during toolbox talks also helps crews bond with each other and the foreman. That’ll help them work better together, resulting in fewer mistakes and less rework. 

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