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3 Ways BuildWitt Training Helps You Reduce Training Time

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Training is necessary to keep your crews safe and productive on the job. 

But training can be so time-consuming that you're tempted to skip it or cut it short. And if you train anyway? You're looking at some serious revenue losses while you shut down production to get your crews into a classroom.

We want to help you change that. 

Let's look at the value of time and three ways BuildWitt Training can help you accomplish more training goals in less time.

The value of time

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour.” — C.S. Lewis

The old cliche is true: time is money. Especially in the Dirt World, where you're on a project schedule with deadlines and where slowdowns cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and production. 

It's easy to find yourself trapped in a catch 22. You lose money when you take time out to train, but you also lose money when untrained workers make costly mistakes.

And if you rush through the training or rush through the work? More mistakes, more lost time. 

We talk about "buying more time," but the truth is, you can’t do that. You can only manage the time you have to produce the best results. 

BuildWitt Training helps you do that. With this software, you can train more frequently for shorter amounts of time—and you can often do it without shutting down production.

That helps you "slow down to speed up," as the saying goes. In other words, you take the right amount of time out to train so your crew can work more efficiently when they are on the job. You're not saving time by making your training or team go faster; instead, you're saving time because you're getting better results with less effort.

Here are three features of BuildWitt Training that will save you time.

1. Memorable micro-lessons

We use short, relevant micro-lessons because they're easier to retain. 

Think about it this way. What are you more likely to remember, a two-hour lecture or a two-minute video? Of course it's the video! So most of our lessons are under five minutes long.

It's also highly relevant to the Dirt World. We develop content crews can use and retain with help from dozens of subject matter experts who have decades of experience in the industry. Plus, we film training videos on real jobsites with real machines and tools.

That's because educational research shows that learning in context is the best way people retain information.1 

For Dirt World crews, that means you can get more out of field and classroom training, even if you spend less time doing it.

Training in the field

Your people always have their phones on them, and thanks to the mobile-friendly app, they can watch Buildwitt Training anywhere, any time . . . including the field.

One great example of training in the field is toolbox talks. Some of our customers have told us that their foremen pull up training videos on their phones, set the phone on a tailgate, and let the whole crew watch together. That makes toolbox talks way more engaging and encourages discussion.

So even if the toolbox talk takes the same amount of time, crews are getting more out of it. Plus, they can immediately take those lessons into the field. Applying what they learned right away helps their muscle memory in a way classroom training can't.

Speaking of . . . 

Training in the classroom

For some crew members, it can be harder to take training from the classroom to the jobsite—especially if they're in an all-day training session. After all, how are they supposed to know what matters most when there's so much material to absorb?

Our micro-lessons can help supplement classroom training and make it more memorable. Use a video at the beginning of a session to start conversations, throughout the session to highlight key points, or at the end to sum things up.

2. Easy-to-use app

Complicated training takes up too much time. So we've done our best to make BuildWitt Training as simple as possible . . . for everyone!

Your people

Crew members can easily see their progress and soon-to-be-due assignments in the Dashboard. They can view all their lessons in the Learning Hub. And in the Content Library, they can self-assign training videos they want to watch later.

Lessons are quick and easy to watch, and they come with English and Spanish subtitles to help your crew members optimize their learning. 

Your admins

Managing a training program shouldn't be a massive time drain. And with BuildWitt Training, it doesn't have to be. 

You can assign training to individuals with the click of a button. Or use the Groups feature to assign training to multiple people at once based on project, division, role, or any other criteria you set.

When you add someone to a group, we'll automatically assign the right trainingto them. You can even set Group Leaders who can assign content and track progress for their crews—which takes some of the training pressure off your plate. 

Plus, you can use our built-in analytics to track your people's progress. See how they're using the content and who's completed what training. You can also see who's gone above and beyond to complete self-assigned content so you can support and encourage those people.

Learn more about BuildWitt Training features for admins and users.

3. Training for all roles and experience levels

One huge time-waster is when somebody has to sit through training that just isn't relevant to them. 

For example, let's say you get rained out. You decide to hold a classroom session where you talk about running and maintaining heavy equipment. That's great for your operators, but what about your laborers? It isn't fair to send them home unpaid, but you also don't want to pay them to sit in a classroom listening to training that isn't helpful for them.

At BuildWitt Training, we've done our best to create content that's helpful for everyone.

We've created introductory courses for roles like foreman, pipelayer, grade checker, operator, and laborer so people can learn the basics for those jobs. Level 2 training kicks it up a notch and helps more experienced workers learn the finer points of their roles.

There's also safety and leadership training that's great for anyone, whether they've been on your pyaroll 20 years or 20 minutes. With these courses at their fingertips, your people can learn the practical and soft skills they need to succeed on the job. 

Check out our course catalog to see more training courses.

Find your sweet spot in preparation and performance

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When it comes to training, you want to find that sweet spot where you spend the right amount of time preparing for the work and the right amount of time doing the work. 

BuildWitt Training can help you do that. Learn more about how it works and how you can get your own free trial of this time-saving software.

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