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Dirt World Australia!

Ever wonder how they move dirt and build stuff down under? Wonder no more…

I traveled to Australia in May to visit Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria operations.

We spent one week in the infamous Bowen Basin, home to many of the largest coal mines in the world, flew to NSW for a reservoir project, then finished the trip with civil construction around Melbourne.

Here are a few videos from the trip!

Bravus—Carmichael Mine

One of Australia's newest mines, the Carmichael Mine, produces ten million tonnes of coal annually for India and Southeast Asia. After many months of coordination, Bravus granted us access to the entire operation during the day and overnight!

Thiess—Olive Downs Complex

The Pembroke Resources Olive Downs Complex is only beginning its decades-long journey to produce high-quality coal for steel production. Producing steel is notoriously energy-intensive, making Australian coal a key ingredient to much of the world's steel supply.
Thiess, the world's largest mine services provider, is handling all mining operations, and they showed us their brand-new autonomous fleet provided by Hastings Deering Caterpillar.

Eifers Civil

How do they replace airport concrete overnight? They do it FAST! We spent a night with Eifers to watch them replace concrete panels from start to finish in only hours. Thanks to the special high-strength concrete, planes could roll over the new concrete by morning.

Building a New Dam!

MC Earthmoving is busy building a new dam to create a water-storage reservoir for the farming community of Leeton in New South Wales. The operation looked fantastic in the early morning light. This was a fun one!!

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