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Welcome to the Dirt Talk Podcast

Welcome to the self-proclaimed top podcast in the Dirt World (totally made up)! Listen weekly as host Aaron Witt talks Dirt World issues, answers listener questions, and interviews some of our favorite people, from executives to operators we've met along our travels.

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Episode 185

Human Connection in the World of Construction and EOS With Mark 0’Donnell
In this episode, Aaron sat down with guest Mark O’Donnell, CEO of EOS Worldwide to discuss how to strengthen your business and connect with your people. They explored the significance of a clear marketing strategy and the importance of resilience in dealing with unforeseen challenges. Later, they discussed leadership that trusts, cares, and leverages individual strengths, allowing employees to reach their full potential. They also talked about career development, job satisfaction, and the powerful impact of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in driving growth and business transformation. Read More.

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