Who is Aaron Witt?

Aaron Witt is the self-proclaimed “Chief Dirt Nerd” and CEO of BuildWitt, a services, media, and software business focused on the infrastructure and mining industries. He started the company four years ago after studying engineering and working for companies like Kiewit and Skanska.

As CEO of BuildWitt, Aaron’s role is split between helping to lead the team of over eighty wonderful humans and traveling across America and as far as the Middle East to visit job sites and meeting the people of the Dirt World.

Dirt Thoughts

Stay up-to-date on Aaron’s latest business challenges and Dirt World travels.

Are your best players retiring? Are new hires turning over faster than you can hire? Are you frustrated by the current labor market?

340,000 UPS union members approved a new contract last month, substantially increasing their pay and benefits over the next five years.

Ever wonder how they move dirt and build stuff down under? Wonder no more. I traveled to Australia in May to visit Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria operations.

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The Dirt Talk Podcast

Tune in as hosts Aaron and Alex talk Dirt World issues, answer listener questions, and interview some of our favorite people, from executives to operators we've met along our travels.

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Hire Aaron as a speaker

Aaron is passionate about helping companies in the Dirt World solve their workforce challenges so they can thrive and grow. His talks have helped business leaders across the industry learn how to recruit the next generation of the workforce and retain the great workers they already have.

Aaron’s a young CEO, and he’s candid about the fact that he’s still learning. So, why book him as a speaker? Aaron has worked with hundreds of companies and visited jobsites around the world. That experience has given him firsthand insight at what’s working in the industry and what’s not. And he’s built an entire company around helping you move toward what’s working.

What topics does he speak on?

  • The current state of the construction and heavy civil workforce
  • The industry’s future
  • How to recruit and retain people
  • Changing perceptions of the Dirt World so it can attract the next generation of the workforce

Have another topic in mind? Just ask—he may be able to work it in!

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