Who is Aaron Witt?

Aaron Witt is the self-proclaimed “Chief Dirt Nerd” and CEO of BuildWitt, a services, media, and software business focused on the infrastructure and mining industries. He started the company four years ago after studying engineering and working for companies like Kiewit and Skanska.

As CEO of BuildWitt, Aaron’s role is split between helping to lead the team of over eighty wonderful humans and traveling across America and as far as the Middle East to visit job sites and meeting the people of the Dirt World.

Dirt Thoughts

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Childhood, growing up amid divorce, and aquatic adventures.

Full disclosure: There's no educational value in this newsletter. It's pure entertainment. Fire dozers, dirt bikes, and snow cats. Life's good.

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The Dirt Talk Podcast

Tune in as hosts Aaron and Alex talk Dirt World issues, answer listener questions, and interview some of our favorite people, from executives to operators we've met along our travels.

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