Mental Health Support for the Dirt World

Mental Health Support for the Dirt World

Growing up around addiction, divorce, and general dysfunction left its mark on my psyche. Add in the trials of adult life, and I’ve had my share of mental struggles to overcome.

BuildWitt’s core values are my core values, and one of the eight we have is “Transparency Wins.” I’ve always shared as openly as I can about my struggles and shortcomings, hoping to show even just a handful of people following that they’re not alone.

As a result, one of the most common questions people ask me is, “Where can I or my people go for help?”

Tragically, I’ve never had a good answer.

Even more tragically, the problem only seems to worsen. Suicides in construction are FIVE TIMES greater than the number of work-related fatalities, and overdose deaths are now TWELVE TIMES greater.

The Dirt World, and especially employers, must do something. But what?

Enter YouTurn Health...

Last year, I interviewed Hamilton Baiden on the Dirt Talk Podcast. Without much coaxing, he told me about his experience with addiction. How he never thought of himself as an addict—he was on top of the world. But he was, and he eventually reckoned with it and launched Youturn to help millions of others do the same.

You know the saying, “They’ll change when they hit rock bottom?” Over 100,000 people last year died of overdose. That was their rock bottom. And not only that but how many millions of others are left in the emotional wake of those deaths? And how many tens of millions are still struggling or around those who are?

Youturn Solution

For anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, or addiction, the current solution is that there is no solution. Navigating the mental health offerings from most insurance programs is like hugging a cactus—they’re often confusing and inadequate.

Youturn offers a much simpler solution:

  1. Employers pay a small annual fee based on company size.
  2. Youturn offers their employees AND their family members live counseling by phone seven days a week.
  3. Employers pay for usage, but information regarding who uses the service is kept private.

I believe every Dirt World company should work with Youturn. Offering their service to our people at BuildWitt is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

You can learn more about their Dirt World-specific offering at the link below!


Dirt Talk Podcast

In this week's Monday episode, we sit down to talk about machines. Specifically a very special wheel loader. 

Most Caterpillar 988 H models can be found in quarries but that's not exactly what Bulk Equipment Company has in store for their 988 wheel loaders. Instead Bulk heavily modifies these machines for a specific application. Hot work. These machines are modified to withstand high heat from slag piles, a co-product that is a result of the steel-making process. 

In this episode we will give some background on why these machines are needed, the specific application they are needed for, and the essential modifications necessary to handle this environment. Tune in to find out what makes these machines so dang cool! (no pun intended.) 

Hope you enjoy it!


On this stop of the 2023 BuildWitt Roadshow, we visited W.D. Scepaniak to see their mobile aggregate plants. Plants like these supply the crushed rock needed for roads, buildings, and landscaping.

This plant is "mobile," meaning every piece of equipment can be quickly loaded and transported wherever it needs to go. The flexibility means they can mobilize for only weeks or months to specific locations not needing permanent crushing operations.

Despite their compact nature, plants like these can produce 5,000+ tons per day. The closer they can get the plant to the material, the more efficient it all is!

I'll see you next month! Don’t miss out!!

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