What is the Dirt World?

When people hear “Dirt World,” they assume earthmoving. They’re right, but there’s much more to it.

We coined it years ago to describe those we serve. Infrastructure, heavy civil, or other existing terms didn’t do it.

The Dirt World is any company or individual providing the essential infrastructure and natural resources that enable daily life.

Without the Dirt World, there is no…

  • Food (fertilizer and irrigation)
  • Clean water or pooping (pipelines, reservoirs, treatment plants)
  • Power (ANY form)
  • Warmth (pipelines)
  • Internet (fiber networks)
  • Transportation (roads, bridges, airports, rail, ports)
  • Waste disposal (landfills)
  • Buildings (foundations and site development)

The companies and people who support those who do the work are also the Dirt World—equipment, materials, and technology.

If that’s you, thank you. What you do may often seem thankless or even demonized, but no one could live a day without your work!!

Dirt Talk Podcast

In this episode, I'm joined by Luke Sheffield, Founder of Port-A-Go and Co-Founder of Empower Rental Group. We discuss the need for equipment rental in a dynamic job market, and what it takes to run a rental business. Later we dig into what it's like starting a rental service company and Luke’s latest endeavor Port-A-Go, a company providing a service that is so overlooked, yet vital for quality of life on a job site.

If you want to know more about what it really means to start a business this episode is for you. Enjoy!


Data centers require LOTS of utilities. And this site in Idaho sits on solid basalt, a hard and abrasive rock.

To install the spiderweb of pipes beneath the building, there are typically two options—blast and dig each trench or raise the entire building pad with a monster import.

But what if there was a third option?

Secret option three was precisely what Ralph L Wadsworth opted for. They’d blast and over-excavate the entire building pad by 10 feet, crush it all to a manageable size, and replace all the material.

The result? A blank canvas for the utility and foundation packages. Sweet!

I'll see you next month! Don’t miss out!!

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