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Training Content Your Crew Can Retain

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You’re in a training session in the break room. The faded, fill-in-the-blank paperwork is on the table in front of you, and a dusty old video is playing. Half the people around you are snoring, and the other half are thinking about what’s for lunch.

Will anyone retain what they are supposed to learn in this session? Probably not.

We've all been there.

So we took scenarios like these into consideration when we made BuildWitt Training. We wanted training that crews could retain. But what makes training memorable? 

Here's what we've found so far.

Microlearning-style lessons

First of all, no one should have to sit through hours of training unless they choose to. Microlearning is how it sounds: learning in teeny, tiny contextualized bits to help the user retain the content. 

Studies show that microlearners retain up to 80% more than those who learn by traditional standards.1 The nice thing about learning this way is that the user can decide how much or little they want to learn in any given session.

BuildWitt Training lessons might be short, but they pack a lot of punch.

Assessments and quizzes

After viewing a few microlearning lessons, BuildWitt Training users will be assigned assessments. You (the admin) get to design these assessments however you’d like. They’re not graded; they’re simply for the user to gauge how much they’ve learned from the lesson.

Quizzes, on the other hand, are graded. Designed to come at the end of every course, learners and admins will get the quiz results to see how well the content stuck with the learner. Don’t let your team fret, though; users can retake these quizzes again and again. 

In-the-field content

We get it. It’s insulting to watch a how-to video from a guy who never stepped foot on a job site. Stale instructors were a common complaint when we did our product research, so we selected seasoned pros to lead the content within BuildWitt Training.

The content inside BuildWitt Training is filmed outdoors and on-site (no stuffy classrooms here). You’ll see clear demonstrations of heavy machinery walkarounds, and hear from people who’ve been in every type of seat there is. The lessons are punctuated with stories from our pros about things that went well and things that didn’t go well. Studies show that learning something in context leads to better performance.2

With BuildWitt Training, you have the context that the learner is experiencing because they are typically in their place of work while watching a micro-lesson (not the classroom), as well as seeing the same context depicted on screen. It’s content that’s relatable, real, and—because of all that—extremely memorable.

Customizable content

There’s nothing quite so inspiring as training content that doesn’t mean anything to you. Right? 

We’re kidding. We know content has to be relatable to be retainable. So you, as an admin, get to customize who sees what. There might be training content that your 55-year-old operator doesn’t need to see at this point in their career. Likewise, a new hire probably isn’t ready to dive into the deep end of leadership training.

Here, you can tailor your training to each person. That’s the beauty of a training management system. It’s customizable, trackable, and provides each learner with training that stays with them for the long run.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the courses available in BuildWitt Training. 

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