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Should I Buy BuildWitt Training During the Busy Season?

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You’re grinding through the busy season, and you don’t feel like you have time to train your crews. Let alone implement a whole new training software!

But what if we told you the summer busy season is one of the best times to train? Or that you can get started with BuildWitt Training in less than a day? 

Yes, you read that right. Here’s why you should start using BuildWitt Training this summer.  

Summer is a good time to train

During the summer, you have lots of people handling lots of projects at once. All those moving parts mean there’s more risk of miscommunication, mistakes, and mishaps that cost you time and money. 

That’s especially true if you hire seasonal workers. They may not have as much experience as your year-round crew, or they may be out of practice. That could lead to more mistakes and even injuries. 

That’s why it’s so important to put quality training at your workers’ fingertips during the busy season.

With BuildWitt Training, they’ll get unlimited access to our full content library. That’s over 800 video lessons that can help them stay safe, brush up on key skills, and develop themselves personally. 

And since the lessons are all available in our mobile-friendly app, your crew can train anywhere at any time. 

You can get up and running fast 

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t have time to train. Especially since it takes so little time to get BuildWitt Training into your team’s hands. 

Our standard implementation can take as little as three days—and that includes getting your whole team access to the software. That’s pretty speedy. 

And during the busy season? Our Customer Success team can speed it up even more to help you get the ball rolling. 

“If you can give us 45 minutes, you can be off and running,” says Customer Success Manager Austin Duckworth. 

From there, it just takes a simple text message to get everybody on your team access to the software. Piece of cake! 

Training with us takes less time than you think 

superintendent and field staff

During the summer busy season, who has time to shut down production long enough to train? No one, that’s who. 

But with BuildWitt Training, you don’t have to stop production. You don’t even have to slow it down. 

Most BuildWitt Training videos are five minutes or less. So if your crew watches one video a day, it won’t take any longer than a bathroom break. . . but it will add up over the summer.

You don’t have to think of training topics

You can choose from our pre-made learning plans to teach your team about key topics. Then you can mix, match, and customize learning plans later when you have the time. 

Or, you can let your crew train on their own for the summer. 

Since they’ll have access to all 800+ lessons, they can pick and choose what they need—whether that’s tips on skills, safety, communication, or something else. 

Then when you start training as a team in the fall, you can combine their knowledge on all these different topics. 

You can let field supervisors take the lead

Still want to train on the job? Ask your foremen to pick one of those five-minute video lessons. The whole crew can watch it together during their morning toolbox talk that they’re already having anyway.

See? You lost zero productivity. In fact, you probably gained some because now your crew is better equipped to tackle the day. 

That’s the beauty of using BuildWitt Training during the busy season. Leaders can spend five minutes a day training their team on essential skills so they can keep up productivity when they need it most. 

You can test drive the software

You don’t have to go hog wild and make your whole team watch dozens of BuildWitt Training videos every day. You can start with just one assignment. 

Or, get a pilot group going. That’s when you let just a handful of people try the software—instead of rolling it out to the whole team right away. 

Your pilot group could be a few field leaders or a couple crews. They’ll get a feel for it and give you controlled feedback. Later, they can help you roll BuildWitt Training out to everyone else. 

Remember, training isn't a sprint—at least not at first. Our customers usually take a crawl, walk, run approach. (And Lord knows we’ve all crawled through the busy season at times!) 

So think of summer as a time to dip your toes in the water. Start with a few users, start with one assignment, and look forward to what you can do later—instead of getting caught up in what you can’t do right now. 

Customer Success will help you the whole way

Sometimes people worry about starting BuildWitt Training during the busy season because they’re afraid of how much effort they’ll have to make.

Don’t be! 

Implementing BuildWitt Training is super easy, and our Customer Success team will be there to help you every step of the way. 

They’ll get you access to the software and help you start using it as soon as you want. 

And as long as you’re a customer, they’ll be available to answer your questions, hear your feedback, and help with anything you want to learn—like how to create your own content and quizzes.


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Getting started with BuildWitt Training is way easier than you may have thought. 

You can get up and running in as little as a day, and it only takes five minutes a day to teach your team the essentials. Plus, it’s easy to start with one assignment or pilot group during the summer. 

As Customer Success Manager Alex Ortiz puts it, “All you’ve got to do is try. That’s 80% of your success right there.”

So don’t overthink it. Give it a try with a live, 30-minute demo! 

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