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How to Work BuildWitt Training Into Your Budget

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There’s an old saying that a wise man counts the cost before he starts building something. 

Of course, the journey doesn’t end there. After he counts his costs, he has to determine where he’ll get the money.

Likewise, before you buy BuildWitt Training, you have to know how much it’ll cost and how you’ll work it into your budget. We’ll cover several options in this article, like:

Know how much you need

The first step to budgeting is to determine how much money you’ll spend. Thankfully, our dirt-simple pricing makes this easy.

The costs of BuildWitt Training are straightforward:

  Cost Payment frequency
Implementation $2,000* One-time
Base price $5,000* Annual
*Prices vary based on company size

Find out how much BuildWitt Training will cost you and see discounts with our price calculator.

Dig into your training budget

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The best way to pay for BuildWitt Training is with money you’ve already set aside for training. Ask yourself these questions to make room in your training budget.

Do I have a training budget? If not, can I get one?

Setting aside a designated training budget can be tough, especially for small companies. But it’s necessary if you want your crews to be productive and profitable.

Now’s the time to talk to leadership about creating a training budget. And because you know how much BuildWitt Training costs, you can tell them what your starting budget should be!

If you don’t have a training budget and can’t start one just yet, skip to the next section.

Can I reduce other training expenses?

Your training budget may already be allocated to other programs. So, how can you make room? 

Maybe there’s a more cost-effective way to host your training seminar. Maybe you can cancel subscriptions to software your team no longer uses or needs.

Can I reallocate some money to get more value?

Sometimes, you don’t need to cut costs—you just need to move some money around to get a better value. Here’s an example:


Daily cost

per employee

Number of employees

Total cost to train

Classroom training (avg: twice a year) $408* 8 $6,528 for two days
BuildWitt Training (every day for a year) $0.34  40 $5,000 for one year
*This includes the cost of lost productivity while those employees are out of the field.1

Now, that does not mean you should completely nix classroom training. Your crews need it! But you can take some of that money and put it toward BuildWitt Training. 

Take a look at how far your $6,528 will go when you split it between the two:


What you get


Classroom training One full-day classroom session $3,264
BuildWitt Training

Implementation fee + partial towards

annual base price



See how much further your money went? Plus, you get the best of both worlds: classroom training that brings your crew together and an app they can use in the field right when they need it. 

So, what other ways can you reallocate training funds to get a better value?

Raise your prices

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Okay, so you don’t have a training budget, and you need a quick, easy way to afford BuildWitt Training for your crews. The simplest solution is to raise your prices. 

For some business owners, that’s a worrisome thought. You may wonder, Will I still win bids if my prices are higher? 


Each project is worth thousands or millions of dollars, so raising your prices across multiple projects will easily cover the costs of BuildWitt Training—with minimal increases on your bids. 

In fact, you’ll likely win more bids, because word will get around that your newly trained crews are more productive and efficient. Customers will want to work with you because they know your crews will do the job right and on time.

Save up

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There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned savings! Our grandparents’ generation knew a thing or two about saving up for what they wanted. So, how can we apply that to business? 

You can save money to pay for BuildWitt Training when you: 

How you save—and how fast you do it—is up to you. You can get creative with this. The important thing is that by saving money, you can afford the training your team needs (whether that's BuildWitt Training or not).

Start with a small group of users

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The ultimate goal is to train your whole team. That’s why the more users you have, the more you'll save.1

However, there is something to be said for starting small. Generally, fewer users equal fewer costs.

  1-40 users 41-100 users
Annual cost  $5,000 $8,500
Implementation fee $2,000 $3,500
Total cost $7,000 $12,000

So, you may find that it’s better for your budget to start with a small group of users. 

This strategy can also help you get the most value out of the software. You can get the pilot group's feedback. Then, when you introduce BuildWitt Training to the rest of the team, you’ll have a better idea of how to help them make the most of it.

The key is to make a plan to set your pilot group up for success. Ask questions like, 

  • How long will it last?
  • Who will be in it?
  • What feedback do I need?
  • What does success look like?

The cool thing is that once you’re a BuildWitt Training customer, you can add more users at any time. So you can start using BuildWitt Training now and get it into more team members' hands later. 

Want help deciding who your first group of users should be? Check out Who Should Get Access to BuildWitt Training

Know how you’ll recoup the costs

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When your people use BuildWitt Training, you will get a return on your investment. 

They’ll be more productive, more likely to show up for work, and more willing to take ownership. They’ll also be less likely to make mistakes and quit their jobs.2 

It’s important to calculate your projected ROI because that can help you see how much money you can save when you start using BuildWitt Training. Then, you can comfortably buy the software knowing how you’ll recoup the costs—and then some. 

To learn how to calculate your ROI and what you can reasonably expect, read What’s the ROI on BuildWitt Training?

Talk to our sales team

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Our sales team can’t set your budget for you. But they can help you get discounts and tell you about any promotions we’re running.

So, when you talk to them directly, they’ll help you get the best deal on BuildWitt Training for your team. Plus, they’ll answer any questions you have about the software.

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