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Problems Solved by BuildWitt Training

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In construction, most companies are weak in areas of training and culture-building. But it can be difficult to determine how to start fixing these issues.

Like a mechanic, you’ve got to start by examining the problems before you can find the solution. Here are some detailed problems Dirt World leaders have confessed to the BuildWitt team when asked about their issues. 

Running on Empty

In the words of one operations manager, “We’re always so lean when we’re training in the field that new guys never get to see full production. We make the new team member a part of the crew instead of observing an efficient crew.” 

  • Do you ever have to put new employees into positions before they’ve had the chance to get the complete picture?
  • Is your need for people so dire that your crews operate below efficiency, with a minimum of knowledge + experience?

Solution: Quality onboarding and training that is consistent from the start.

No Continuous Training Plan in Place 

People have asked us, “how do you keep springboarding off initial training?” and “how do you follow up to make sure people retain what they learned?”

If there’s no follow-up plan, there’s no way to help employees fulfill their roles to the company standard. 

  • Do you have a long-term employee training program for every new hire?
  • Are evaluations a regular part of your continuous training?

Solution: Always have the next step for everyone regarding training and use built-in evaluations for retention.

Lost in Translation

It’s your responsibility to establish the “standard dialect” of the company. If your employees aren’t on the same page, you can guarantee that it’s not only hurting productivity but relationships, too. 

  • Do your new employees come in with skills but foreign ways of talking about what they know? 
  • Do your operators and foremen frequently argue over the word for something or completely misunderstand each other regularly?

Solution: Standardized training by using the same terms so that everyone learns the same company lingo.

High Turnover Among Team Members 

Sometimes it’s because of poor orientation and training at the start of employment, but other times you’re losing skilled employees because there’s no training in place for them to move up.

  • Have you had people quit because of poor orientation and training out of the gate?
  • Do you lose potential leaders because expectations aren’t clear, or career-cultivating training programs are not in place, and they can get a better offer at a different operation?

Solution: A solid training plan that starts on day one and careers someone through their career.

The Generational Clash

You’ve got a veteran dozer operator who arrives at a company with 25 years of experience grading by eye. An instant hire, he’s immediately chastised by his 23-year-old foreman for “being slow.” Instead of being trained, he’s criticized until he quits.

In another scenario, veteran employees get annoyed by having to train new high school grads. They grumble that it takes away from their work and treat the young hire like they’re stupid. 

  • Do your teams experience conflict between different generations?
  • Do your superintendents, foremen, and PMs have soft-skills training? 
  • Has your company provided teaching around the cultural differences between generations and work/learning styles?

Solution: Consistent training among generations allows unity on the team. You can also include soft skills in your training.

More Problems

Do any of these problems sound familiar? Maybe they’re just scratching the surface of the difficulties you experience. Things like:

  • Poor training
  • A grinding “we’ll just find new people” mindset
  • Mass retirement without replacements lined up
  • Too much pressure on too few individuals (wreaks havoc on personal life/ health)
  • Lack of clear expectations for new hires
  • No continuous training for career development
  • No “big picture” vision because of a lack of orientation
  • Older employees create obstacles for new people
  • Union training that doesn’t meet your company’s needs
  • Overstated qualifications on applications, no plan to fill in gaps

We understand the pressure you’re under.

We know there’s immense pressure on companies to make production. But without people, you can’t complete any work at all. 

More and more construction leaders recognize that focusing on people is the solution for a healthy construction industry. Thorough, consistent training in every area is key.

BuildWitt Training is the training solution. It will help everyone on your team learn, grow in their career, and find their role in the company story. Our mission is to help you resolve issues and bring your training and culture up to the standard you hold for yourself in all areas, so you can say (with peace of mind) “how we do anything is how we do everything.”
Questions? Curious about how it looks for your company? Start a conversation with our sales team here.

Give your team members a clear path to succeed and watch them grow.