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What Will BuildWitt Training Cost Us?

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Updated March 13, 2024, with new pricing info

In order to grow, you need people. New people. But without a training plan in place, you run lean crews and delay hiring. Even when you hire new people, they may not know concrete from cement, so training becomes a must. Now your biggest question is, how much will training cost? 

BuildWitt Training costs $5,000/year* + a one-time implementation fee of $2,000. But there are a few more details (and savings), so let's get into those.

*Pricing varies based on company size

How many licenses do we need?

You can buy as few as 1-2 user licenses (1-40 employees is the minimum package) and show the content to your crews.

But if you have a larger organization and want to assign different lessons to different people and track their progress, you’ll need more user licenses. With 5 different options for companies of all sizes, there's a package that's a fit for you. 

Are there extra costs involved?

A one-time implementation fee of $2,000* covers the costs of onboarding calls, setup, and assistance as you roll BuildWitt Training out to your team.

But beyond that, nope! We like to keep our pricing dirt-simple. No hidden fees, no charges for how much content your team views. You can also upload unlimited custom content at no extra cost.

We also won't charge you for: 

  • Future updates
  • Phone support
  • Knowledge base
*Implementation fee varies based on company size

How does billing work?

We try to keep billing as simple and straightforward as possible through annual billing. You pay upfront with your selected package and then avoid any other costs for an entire year.

Are there savings with more users?

Yes! When you sign up for our larger packages, you get discounts for having more users:

  • 40 users: $5,000
  • 200 users: $15,500

200 ➗ 40 = 5 ➡️ 5 x $5,000 = $25,000 ➡️ $25,000 - $15,500 = $9,500. This is nearly a $10,000 savings when you opt for a package with 5 times as many users.

How much will it cost my company?

If you want to figure out exactly how much BuildWitt Training will cost your company, check out our cost calculator. There are no additional unlisted costs or hidden fees. We strongly believe complete transparency is the only way to go, and that’s reflected in our cost calculator. Check it out! A solution to your training issues may be much closer than you think!

Is it worth the money? 

Now that you know more about pricing, you may be wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze. Find out with What's the ROI on BuildWitt Training? 

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