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Why Create Your Own Content in BuildWitt Training

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You know BuildWitt Training lets you create your own custom content. But how does that help you? And is it worth the time and effort to do?

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of creating your own content in general, and then we’ll dive into how you can quickly and easily do this with BuildWitt Training.

Why create your own training content

Creating your own training content isn’t just about making cool videos or competing with what other companies are doing. 

It’s about leveling up your training program from good to great. 

You want your crew members—and for that matter, your office staff and your leadership team—to have all the skills they need to be productive and safe on the job. You want to train them well so you can grow the business, and so they can grow their careers.

Creating your own training content helps you do all of that and more. Here are five things you can do when you make custom content.

Train crew members your way

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Every company in the Dirt World has its own unique way of working. Premade content gives your crew members a great foundation for basics in the industry, but it's equally important to train them to do things your way. 

Maybe you use different colored grade stakes or different hand signals for spotters. Maybe you want your team members to fill out a JSA in a specific way. 

All these little nuances may seem like they're not that big of a deal, but when workers get out in the field, details make a big difference. Creating your own content helps ensure that your crew members are well-prepared to be not just on any jobsite—but on your jobsite.

Teach specific, in-depth skills

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BuildWitt Training introduces workers to common tasks and roles they’ll do on the job, and we’re constantly adding more advanced training to help them level up their skills. However, preloaded content isn’t guaranteed to cover everything they need to know. 

When you create your own training, you can get deep into the details and teach your crew exactly what they need to know to stay safe and productive.

For example, maybe they need specific, in-depth training for handling hazardous compounds. Or maybe your operators have already burned through the basics, and they’re ready to learn the best approach to the specific tasks they’ll do on your jobsites. 

Creating your own content lets you expand on topics the preloaded training covers, so you can help your crew members level up their skills even faster.


Share site-specific content

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Sometimes, you’ve got to get word out into the field about an issue or a project. 

Maybe you saw a safety concern, and you want to teach the crew how to keep from making the same mistake again. Maybe you need to tell the crew on a specific jobsite about supplies or the day’s work. Maybe you need to remind your team how to fulfill their annual compliance training.

An easy, quick way to do that is to create a short video lesson in BuildWitt Training. 

You can make and upload one-off lessons to address these types of site-specific concerns and upcoming issues. Just record a quick video on your phone, pop it into the app, and send it out to your crew. Boom—done. 


Get new hires up to speed faster

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When new people come onto the job, they always have a lot to learn. That's especially true if you're recruiting younger workers who have little to no industry experience. It's going to take them some time to catch on. 

Good, premade training content will help them learn the basics like personal safety, how to use common tools, professional behavior on the job, and career growth.

But again, some onboarding topics are exclusive to your company. What does career growth look like in your organization? How can that new laborer move up? What types of behavior are rewarded? 

Or maybe you’re just trying to teach them mundane details like how to clock in or request paid time off—you know, the lessons your foreman is sick of repeating. If you make your own training videos that teach new hires how to do those things, then they can watch it and the foreman can go on about his or her business. 


Prepare your next generation of leaders

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Just like your crew members work a certain way, so do your leaders.

You can set them up for success with BuildWitt Training’s preloaded leadership learning plan. It’ll teach both new and experienced leaders about communicating, taking ownership, managing others well, and developing the soft skills they need to be good leaders. 

Beyond that, they also need to know what leadership looks like in your company. What do you want people to know before they take a promotion? How do you expect them to handle conflict or report disciplinary issues? How do you want them to check in with and mentor their direct reports?

You can create your own content to help teach new leaders what they need to know and help experienced leaders level up their skills.

How BuildWitt Training helps you create you own content

Hopefully now you’ve seen the importance of creating your own training content. It’s truly one of the best ways to upskill your crew members and increase your organization’s productivity. 

Most of all, creating your own content should be easy. That’s why we designed BuildWitt Training so you can quickly create, upload, and share unlimited custom content. 

But you may have some concerns, especially if you’re new to content creation or training in general. Let’s address those by looking at how BuildWitt Training helps you create your own content efficiently.

Creating content is super simple

Over the past year, several of our customers started out with concerns about creating their own content. They would say things like, “I don't have time for that,” “I'm not a videographer,” or “I'm not comfortable on camera.” 

But creating your own content doesn’t have to be a big production. BuildWitt Training makes it super quick and easy. In less than 10 minutes, you can take a video on your phone, upload it to the app, and assign it to your team. It’s so easy, our customers have already uploaded over 500 videos (and counting!)

And if you're willing to do the work, then it's easy to get it into your people’s hands. You can just assign it to the right crew members or even the whole company, like you would any of our preloaded content.

We'll show you how

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You don’t have to figure this out alone. We’ve made learning plans that will teach you how to create your own content. So you can watch a five-minute instruction video to see exactly what you need to do to get your crew the training they need.

You can also check out Marcus Sheridan’s lessons on getting comfortable in front of the camera. Or, find the person on your team who’s always dreamed of being on TV (there’s one in every crowd!) Give them the spotlight, and let them help you create the content your crew needs.

You can organize content how you want

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Once you’ve uploaded your content into BuildWitt Training, you can organize it any way you want. 

You can add descriptions to let people know what they’re about to learn, and you can add tags that help filter the content by subject, like “safety” or “machine maintenance.” 

You can also group lessons into courses and learning plans. Think of it this way: a learning plan is like a book about a particular subject. Courses are the chapters in the book, and lessons are the paragraphs. 

This lets you break training into small chunks while keeping them organized—no giant, overwhelming spreadsheets! Plus, your crew members can get all the training they need in one handy place, without getting overwhelmed.

It's easy to assign custom content to your team and track their progress

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Sharing custom training content with your team doesn’t get any easier than this. In BuildWitt Training, you can assign your own content just like you can assign ours. 

You’ll have the option to share your custom lessons with the whole company, people in certain roles, people at certain jobsites, or individuals. However you need to group people to get them the right training, you can do it with the click of a button in BuildWitt Training. 

And if you do have any questions about how to assign your own content, don’t worry. We’ve made tutorials that will teach you exactly what to do, step-by-step. 

After that, you and your administrators can keep track of who’s watched the content you assigned them—and who needs a friendly reminder to complete it. You can even filter this info, so you can see how your so you can see how your team is doing with their training overall or take a deep dive to check on individual progress.

It's free within BuildWitt Training

We want you to be able to train your crew members well and help them succeed, because that's how you're going to change the Dirt World for the better. 

So once you buy BuildWitt Training, you can create your own content at no extra cost. We don't charge you credits to upload a video or make you pay to assign your own training to your own crew members. It's all included as part of the BuildWitt Training experience—so you can get your crews the training they need.

Now that said, you can set your own budget for content production if you’re so inclined. Or you can find ways to do that for free, too. It's all up to you.

It’s also unlimited. You can upload as much custom training as your crew needs, at no extra cost. Some of our customers like Evergreen Siteworks are already planning how they can make their content outshine ours!

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