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BuildWitt Training Features for Admins and Users

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By now, you probably know BuildWitt Training is simple-to-use software that helps you deliver quality educational content to your whole team. 

But how does it work? And what makes it easy to use? 

Let’s explore some BuildWitt Training features that help admins and crew members alike. But first, here’s a quick list of what we’ll talk about:

Features for admins:

  • Assignments
  • Analytics
  • Groups
  • Supervisors
  • Custom content library
  • Assessments and quizzes 

Features for users: 

  • Mobile-friendly app
  • Learning Hub
  • Self-Assign
  • Video playback options
  • Spanish subtitles

Now, let’s get to it.

Features for admins

A lot of software makers are super focused on making a great interface for users, and that’s good. But training software isn’t worth a hill of beans if it’s too hard for admins to use. 

After all, admins are the backbone of any training management system—and if it works for them, it’s well on its way to working for the whole team. 

Here are some BuildWitt Training features we created to help admins


Admins need to be able to get training into everyone’s hands as quickly and easily as possible.

With BuildWitt Training, admins can:

  • Assign lessons to others 
  • Set assignment due dates 
  • Assign lessons to themselves
  • Preview lessons without it counting toward their own content completion
  • Assign content straight from the learning plan, course, or lesson screen
  • Assign content to groups of people (more on that in a minute)

Letting people know about their assignments is a cinch. Admins can simply click a button, and users will get a notification right on their phones. 


Analytics help admins track how your team uses BuildWitt Training and ensure they get the most out of the software. 

To keep that data organized, you can choose two types of Analytics: Content and Engagement.

Content Analytics

As the name suggests, Content Analytics are all about the content. Admins can see what content people are using (and who’s using it). This can help them understand what content is most useful or interesting to their team.

They can also filter analytics by content type (learning plan, course, or lesson) and content library (ours or yours). Or they can see what content team members are viewing on their own.

Engagement Analytics 

Engagement Analytics are all about your people. Admins can view their team’s training usage and see the content that’s assigned to them, completed, or overdue. 

This can help admins understand how engaged their team members are. Plus, it’ll show you who’s ahead (so you can cheer them on), behind (so you can encourage them), or not training at all (so you can ask them what they need to get started).

Exporting all this data

Admins can use the CSV export feature to download the whole team’s training data, like assignment and completion info. That way, they can analyze performance offline or use the data in other systems.


In the Dirt World people work in groups—whether that’s everyone on a crew, on a project, or in a certain role (like equipment operator). 

Admins need to be able to send the right training to each group at the right time. With the Groups feature, they can. 

Admins can set up Groups by crew, project, division, role, or any other structure they want. Then, they can assign training and track progress for the whole group—not just individuals. 

Check out two sub-features that make Groups especially useful.

Group Leads

BuildWitt Training admins can choose Group Leads to help them manage training for each group. Admins and Group Leads can assign training content to their specific group and see how the group is performing using the Analytics feature.

Group Assignments

Admins can use Group Assignments to send content to all groups or just a certain group. Group Leads can also send out content, but only to groups they lead.

When you add someone to a group, the software will automatically assign them the same training as the rest of the group. Need to remove someone? No sweat. Their incomplete Group Assignments won’t show up in their Learning Hub anymore (but completed work will stay on their record).


Leaders are responsible for everything that happens beneath them. And with BuildWitt Training, you can give leaders more ownership of educating their people. 

Just set them as Supervisors, and they’ll be able to assign content to anyone who reports up to them. 

That way, leaders can:

  • Give their crews relevant training
  • Manage training to take some work off the admin’s plate
  • Track analytics to see who on their crew is growing and who needs a push in the right direction

Supervisors can see training info for crews who are under them in your organization’s hierarchy, but not data for the whole company. So you don’t have to worry about overwhelming them.

Admins can select Supervisors and see the company’s org chart, so they know who Supervisors can assign and track training for.

As with Group Leads, setting Supervisors is optional, so you can choose whether to try these features with a couple leaders first or roll it out to everybody.

Custom content library

The BuildWitt Training Content Library comes with 800+ preloaded lessons (and counting!) That covers a lot of the basics your people need.

However, it isn’t specific to your way of working. 

That’s why we let admins upload and assign unlimited custom content at no additional cost. With this feature, they can:

  • Upload video lessons that teach culture, technical skills, and processes that are unique to your company
  • Organize those lessons into courses and learning plans (courses are small groups of related lessons; learning plans are bigger collections of related courses) 
  • Create custom quizzes and assessments to test the team’s knowledge (more on those next)

As of spring 2023, we’re working on adding the ability to upload new lesson types, like audio and PDF files. 

Assessments and quizzes

Most BuildWitt Training lessons end with a built-in, one-question quiz. Admins can use the Analytics feature to track how their people perform on these quizzes, and that can inform what training they assign next. 

Admins can also create custom assessments and quizzes. It’s super easy, and it can help your team retain what they learned. (Especially if you make the quiz short so people don’t have time to get test anxiety.)

Admins can choose from several formats: 

  • Multiple choice
  • True/false
  • Number entry
  • Short answer

They can also require people to earn a certain score before they can pass the lesson and continue training. 

Features for users

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea of how admins can send and track training, it’s time to see how your people can use BuildWitt Training with ease.

After all, most Dirt World folks like to keep things simple. There’s no point in trying to convince them to use some complicated, messy training platform—because it ain’t gonna happen.

Here are some features we created to make BuildWitt Training an easy-to-use, no-nonsense platform. 

Mobile-friendly app

Even your most tech-impaired crew member probably has a smartphone. And unlike email which they rarely (read never) use, they always have their phone with them. Even on the job. 

So BuildWitt Training delivers content in a mobile-friendly app. 

Users get a text notification to sign up, and they can start training right away on their phone. They’ll also get text notifications when they get a new training assignment, too. And they can explore additional lessons on their own in the Content Library.

Here’s how having a mobile training app can play out in the field:

  • A foreman can set their phone on a tailgate to show their crew a lesson during a toolbox talk
  • A new grade checker can watch a video on how to use rotary laser right before they do it, so it’s fresh in their mind
  • New hires can watch a video on how to put their hard hat together properly so they’re safer on the job

Basically, having a mobile-friendly app means your crew can watch the training content they need, right when they need it.

Learning Hub 

The Learning Hub is where your team can see all their training content. They can check assignments from their admins, Group Leads, Supervisors, and even themselves (more on that in a minute).

They can also take a look at what’s due soon, what’s overdue, and what they’ve already completed. So they can keep track of their progress and take ownership of their training.

As a bonus, your crew has all their training content in one handy, easy-to-access place. So if they need a refresher or want to repeat a video, they don’t have to go hunt it down.


When you give your team BuildWitt Training, they get access to our entire Content Library and yours. 

And a lot of our customers tell us their crew members like to go through the content and complete extra training on their own.

To make that easier, we added the Self-Assign button. Your people can use it to save content they’re interested in watching later. It’ll show up in their Learning Hub, so they can come back to complete it at their own pace.

And if an admin assigns that content to them later on? They’ll be able to rewatch it so it can count as a completed assignment.

Video playback options

Users can use the video playback settings to slow down or speed up training videos. (Don’t worry—they can watch the video as fast as double speed, but they can’t skip it completely. So they’ll still have to watch any content your admins assign them.) 

Users can also pause videos, back them up, or add captions so they never miss a detail. 

Those may sound like really simple features, but they give users the power to adjust their learning experience so they can best absorb the material and apply it on the job.

Spanish subtitles

The Dirt World has an incredibly diverse workforce, and you may have people on your team who grew up speaking Spanish as their first language. 

That can pose training challenges. The industry’s lingo can get confusing even for native English speakers—let alone people who are still learning the language. 

With Spanish subtitles, you can bridge that training gap and help Spanish-speaking crew members get more out of their training. 

You can even add subtitles to your own custom training content (in any language you want) and upload it into BuildWitt Training—so your whole crew can learn in the language that’s best for them.

Try these features for yourself

BuildWitt Training is more than just a bunch of cool features (although we do think they’re pretty awesome). It’s a training management system that we’ve intentionally designed to make training as simple as possible for users and admins alike.

If you’re ready to learn more about how BuildWitt Training features work, request a chat with our team. They’ll get you access to try the app free for several days so you can try out all these features for admins and users.

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