Leaders' Responsibility

Dave Turin points out that "a leader's responsibility really comes down to the leader casting that vision."

 On a team, vision keeps everyone motivated. But the dissemination of information is the key to getting—and keeping—the whole crew on the same page. The best ideas are dead in the water if there isn't someone who can communicate them to the rest of the team. 

The Leader's Playbook

The crucial element for successful communication is creating a framework by which you can communicate new ideas to your team. If you've stumbled upon a eureka and want to utilize it to change your little company, you've got to put it into effect. Developing how you put it into effect is key to continued success when it comes to bringing in ideas that will help your company to evolve successfully.


Cast the Vision, Find a Way to Implement it

A leader, first and foremost, reminds the team where they're going. That's part of casting the vision for the team. But that vision can't be cast without excellent communication—and a good leader has a playbook they can turn to again and again to communicate the ideas that will help their team stay motivated and on the same page.

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