The Big 5

Customers want to know five big things before they decide on a purchase—especially if they’re buying online. And recruits want to know the same things before they decide to work for you. Let’s look at The Big 5 and why talking about them is so important for growing your business.

What are Marcus Sheridan's Big 5?

Customers and recruits all want to know:

  •     Cost or salary
  •     Problems others have had with the same product or service
  •     Comparisons 
  •     Reviews 
  •     What product, service, or employer is best

Basically, people want to know what they’re getting. They want to feel like it’s the best option, and they want to know how much money will be involved.

Why should you talk about The Big 5?

Most businesses don’t like talking about these five subjects, but customers and recruits do. When you don’t talk about The Big 5—or don’t talk about them enough—customers and recruits lose trust in you. Then, they go work with somebody else. 

When you talk about The Big 5, people trust you. That makes them more likely to work with you (or work for you). Imagine how your business would change if you built trust by talking openly and honestly about The Big 5.

Now, maybe you mention prices on your website. That’s good. But are you sure you’re giving people enough information? If you want to be a thought leader in your space, at least 70% of your website content should address The Big 5. (Most companies devote less than 10% of their website to these topics.)

Marcus Sheridan, author of the bestselling marketing book They Ask, You Answer, will walk you through why and how to talk about The Big 5—starting with cost.

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