Why You Should Attract More Veterans to Your Company

What’s the hottest topic in the Dirt World right now?

No, it’s not about getting more projects. No one will turn down more work, but most construction companies have more than enough work.

So what’s keeping Dirt World leaders up at night?

Getting enough people on the payroll to help us complete all our projects on the go. We call this the people problem. And veterans are one talent pool that can help the Dirt World with this workforce shortage. In this lesson, Jocko talks about why — and how — you should attract veterans to the construction world.

Why construction is a great fit for military veterans

why-you-should-attract-more-veterans-to-your-company-image1-Why construction is a great fit for military veterans

Many reasons a veteran might decide to leave the military lifestyle. “Maybe they don’t want to travel, or they have families,” Jocko says. “But their mentality is great. It’s just that they’re done with their military service.”

And the parallels between the construction world and the military make a career in construction a great fit for veterans. For example, just like the Dirt World, in the military, you’re working as part of a team, and your work has a lot of value. “These are people who have leadership skills,” Jocko points out. “They know how to work hard. They’re trainable. They’re thoughtful.”

How to reach out to the veterans in your area

why-you-should-attract-more-veterans-to-your-company-image2-How to reach out to the veterans in your area

What’s the best way to reach out to veterans about working for your company? Check out the many organizations actively helping veterans transition from the military into the non-military world of work.

Examples of veterans support organizations that assist vets transitioning to civilian life include:

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