The Miner’s Mindset


“I like to call the Miner’s Mindset Digging when things are going against you ” says Dave Turin.

When equipment breaks down, and the weather is crappy, do you blame those closest to you? 

Times get tough, and that’s when it’s easy to point the finger. The foreman blames the mechanic, the mechanic blames the operator, and the operators all blame the second shift. But in moments of difficulty, a mindset of encouragement and steadfastness goes a long way.

Better Together

Dave has learned firsthand how important it is to have people by your side from decades of mining in the toughest conditions. Being able to rely on people who’ve got your back no matter the weather is a game-changer. 

“It’s a lot easier to have a Miner’s Mindset when you’ve got someone by your side.” When it comes to helping you react to adverse circumstances, never underestimate the power of “we.”

Dig Deep

The number one thing to remember about the Miner’s Mindset is that you’ve got to dig deep. According to Dave, your job is to find it deep within yourself to keep going when the going gets tough. Get your boots on every day and get to work so you can help your brother out.

Digging deep is all about maintaining a positive, can-do attitude in all circumstances and pulling together to get through tough times.


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