5 Ways a TMS Helps with Training Management

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A training management system (TMS) is a central hub for all of your training needs. It saves valuable time on administrative tasks so your leaders can teach and mentor instead of trying to be their own administrative assistants. 

How it Helps

1. Improves Your Company’s Bottom Line

If you’re reading this article, you’re all about your people—and people must get paid. So the most crucial way BuildWitt Training can help is to contribute to your bottom line. We do that by increasing the reach of your training and mentoring programs and lengthening the average tenure of employees. Instead of having to hire administrative staff and new superintendents and foremen, your current leadership team can reach more people with a greater impact. 

With the scalability of BuildWitt Training, senior employees can train more people at once, with additional time to mentor those who are ready for leaderships roles.1 

2. Encourages Career Growth

In your line of work it’s easy to tell which employees stand out, but if you don’t have a straightforward training plan in place you can risk losing them to a better offer. When you implement a TMS like BuildWitt Training, you can connect people with a growth plan that starts when they do and stay in step with every single team member.

3. Provides Consistent Feedback

One of the biggest puzzle pieces when it comes to communication and performance evaluation is developing an effective system for consistent feedback.2 Without feedback, how will you even know what’s working? A TMS immediately provides a setup for feedback, which you can fine-tune based on your individual company’s needs. This allows you to provide the most appropriate support for each person. 

4. Promotes Retention

You have to pay people, but according to the Harvard Business Review, people come to work for more than money.3 Have you ever done something that paid less but had your reasons for doing it? We all operate with unique criteria for choosing where we spend most of our time, and you want to tap into that. Training increases employee retention because it increases buy-in and communicates to every employee that you value them and are invested in their growth.4

5. Fosters a culture of unity

The Dirt World is rich in vocabulary. It doesn’t take much for newcomers to conflict with industry veterans, and not having a shared language doesn’t help these situations. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Training is that your team learns the same words for everything and sees tasks modeled in the same way. Creating a mutual understanding in the minds of your crew will make them more efficient and bring them closer as a team.

One Team, One Training

You’re one of the good guys. You take care of your people and want the best for them. So how do you get from where you are today to where you want to be in the next few years? A TMS like BuildWItt Training is a key tool that will help you achieve your financial and cultural goals so that every step you take is a step forward—with the benefit of your whole team in mind.


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