Marketing and Recruiting for Today's Digital Buyer


You’re reaching out to potential buyers and employees, but you want to do more. Or maybe you have too much business and not enough team members to take on more.

It’s time to up your marketing and recruiting game. Marcus Sheridan’s course, Marketing and Recruiting for Today’s Digital Buyer, will help you do it.

Why marketing and recruiting go together 

Marketing and recruiting may sound like two unrelated things, but they go together like dozers and excavators. One feeds into the other, and you need them both! To grow your business and get recruits, you’ll have to market your business to bring in the right people—whether they’re buyers or soon-to-be team members.

What buyers want

Your buyers have a need—and it’s up to you to figure out what it is and how to meet it. Marcus will teach you to ask the right questions, like:

  •     What are buyers searching for?
  •     What are they asking?
  •     What are they thinking? 
  •     How can you address that? 

As you start asking the right marketing questions, you’ll be able to turn them into the right recruiting questions, too.

How to use your new marketing and recruiting skills

Learning about marketing and recruiting is useful. But information is only helpful if you can apply what you learned. You’ll get practical tips in this course that you can use to make a difference in your business right away.

Why this course will work for you

You may be sitting there, thinking, We don’t need marketing help. Business is booming! Or maybe, Our company is bid-based. This stuff won’t work for us. 

Marcus says—yes, you do and yes, it will! 

Every industry has ups and downs. So even if things are up right now, that doesn’t mean they’ve always been that way . . . or that they’ll stay that way. And that goes for the hard-bid model, too. Learn how to plant seeds today so you’ll have enough customers and recruits for tomorrow.

Ready to take your marketing and recruiting to a new level?

Whether you want to grow your business, connect with the best recruits, or both, this course is for you. Be sure to check out Marcus’ next lesson.

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