Ostrich Marketing

You’ve probably heard the myth about ostriches: When they get scared, ostriches stick their heads in the sand because they think the danger will go away if they can’t see it. 

Now, ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand when they have a problem. But that’s a good picture of how many companies ignore their marketing and recruiting issues. According to marketing expert Marcus Sheridan, that mindset hurts your business. There’s a better way. 

What is ostrich marketing? 

Think about how many questions your customers ask every day. How many of those have you answered on your website? 

Now think about your recruits. How many of their questions have you answered? 

Probably not as many as they’d like. Ignoring people’s most important questions about your business is called ostrich marketing because you’re hiding from the issues your customers and recruits bring up. 

Ostrich marketing is a problem because as long as people have questions about your business, they’ll also have doubts about working with you. After all, people don’t want to work with a company they don’t trust . . . and why trust a company that doesn’t answer their questions? 

Winning people’s trust

Answering potential customers’ and recruits’ questions is the best way to gain their trust. If you’re willing to face their questions, worries, and fears head-on, you’ll become a trusted voice in your space. And your business will grow.

So, where should you start? In his next video, Marcus will teach you the five big questions potential team members and customers want to know before working with you. Later, you’ll find out how to answer those questions. 

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