Meet Jason Schroeder


With his passion for Lean production and scheduling and his experience as a construction leader for 22 years in positions that ranged from field engineer to project superintendent to general superintendent to field operations director, Schroeder is the ideal person for bringing our foreman and superintendent training track to life.

Having managed his share of heavy civil and commercial projects, he shows you how to level up as a foreman, keep your projects on time and on budget, meet your production targets, and connect with and lead your crews.

Elevate your career through Elevate Construction.

As the owner and senior consultant with Elevate Construction, Schroeder helps individuals and companies in the dirt world take their next critical moves forward for massive progress. His purpose behind Elevate is to improve the lives of all construction workers and managers everywhere. Schroeder does this through his podcast, the Elevate Construction blog, videos, and his consulting and training sessions, both in-person and online.

Elevate Construction also offers large scale boot camps and events that provide the necessary training for a new generation of workers, foremen, field engineers, and superintendents in the dirt world.

The power of Elevate’s training.

The dirt world needs more frequent and effective training. Right now, construction projects everywhere are losing millions, burning workers out and offending customers through badly operated sites.

The training Schroeder offers through Elevate helps your construction business create strategic advantage. With his training, you can prevent failed projects, crash landings, poorly run projects, and unsafe conditions and poor team health.

By focusing on key systems like team building, organizational health, and personal organization, Elevate provides training that enables your team to learn Lean methodologies such as:

  • Takt Planning
  • the Last Planner System
  • Scrum

A passion for books.

As this track demonstrates, Schroeder is passionate about books and a big advocate of reading. You can find his recommended reads sprinkled throughout his training sessions.

As he put it in his lesson on the Mindset of a Successful Project Leader, “Anytime you hear me talk, you’ll hear me mention books. You should read a book a week, or a book a month, or a book every two weeks. Start right now and get going. There’s no reason you can’t. And if you don’t like reading books, then do it with Audible or an audio program. You need to feed that beautiful mind of yours with information.”

And if you’re on the lookout for more reading suggestions? Here’s a sampling from Schroeder’s list of books every super should read:

The Art of the Builder.

In addition to his love of books, Schroeder is also the author of the two book series, The Art of the Builder:

Elevating Construction Superintendents. Using the modern concepts of Lean, Elevate Construction Superintendents provides the training that superintendents need to step up and take their place as the driving force of the project.

Takt Planning & Integrated Control. Takt Planning is the scheduling solution to construction projects falling behind schedule and producing poor quality results.

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