Microlearning Examples for the Dirt World

Welder at work

Microlearning—it’s the delivery of tiny fragments of information within context so that learners can absorb knowledge on demand. Think of it as snow vs. avalanche: it’s lighter, more frequent, and sticks without flattening out the learner. But what does that really look like, especially in the construction industry? Keep reading for four solid examples of microlearning for the Dirt World.

1. Quick Video Lessons

Videos are a great way to teach skills that stick. Doing it with microlearning increases retention and the time it takes to learn by around 300%.1 We practice microlearning with videos in a few different areas of BuildWitt Training:

Operator Training

Nothing will ever replace getting your boots dirty and learning the nuances of each machine. But microlearning can tighten up the operator training process a great deal. By offering operators the chance to pull new knowledge in when it is most relevant, your team members can increase their understanding and accelerate their skills.

In this microlearning example, Jay Collup demonstrates how to use your senses in a machine walkaround:



Soft Skills Training

Training isn’t always about technical skills, equipment, or safety. There can be lessons on soft skills like communication, culture, and working with other crew members.

In this microlearning example, Jeremy Bryan and Eric Jumper talk about how to work with subcontractors:


2. Friendly Competitive Games

It’s no secret that we take pride in our work, and a part of that is a bit of healthy competition. Microlearning games offer users the chance to test their knowledge against their peers to see who comes out on top. Don’t like your ranking? Wipe the slate clean and try again tomorrow. 

3. Assessments

After completing a lesson, another example of microlearning is a self-assessment. It's a quick, non-graded test on how well a user retains the information they just learned. Assessments simply determine if they grasped the content. If they get the answer wrong, they can try it again or rewatch the lesson.

4. Interactive Quizzes

You’re always looking for ways to help your people move forward in their careers. With a microlearning tool like interactive quizzes, team members can test their knowledge before they test for new levels of certification. You can also create quizzes from scratch for trivia, company history, or culture.

Microlearning isn’t going to replace your entire training curriculum, but it will certainly enhance it. It might even help you attract the new talent you need as we move into the next era of the Dirt World. Learn more about BuildWitt Training, built specifically for the construction industry, here

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